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Where can I buy Himalaya products?

In India, there are multiple outlets to buy Himalaya products such as modern trade centers, Himalaya exclusive stores, chemists and general stores in your city.
To locate Himalaya exclusive stores in your city, please refer to: http://www.himalayawellness.com/store-locator.asp.

We also have an online store that offers a convenient option of placing orders and receiving Himalaya products at your door step. You can order Himalaya products at: www.himalayastore.com.

To locate Himalaya stores around the globe, please reference the website http://www.himalayaglobalholdings.com/global/index.htm.

How do I track my order?

Where can I get information on Himalaya products?

Where can I get information on ingredients used in Himalaya products?

How does Himalaya ensure efficacy of its products?

What safety measures do you follow in product development?

Do Himalaya products have side effects?

Does Himalaya use any animal products or by-products in their products?

Are your Toothpastes fluoridated and what is the source of the fluoride?

Do any Himalaya products contain alcohol?

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